Hero Union Power Class: A

Hero Union Membership Status: Hero in Training

Branch of Operation: North America

Sub-Area: New Seattle Training Area

Personal Statistics

Birth Name: Unknown, possibly Nergal

Legal Name: Erragal

Age: Unknown, approximately 7,000 years

Nationality: Sumerian, currently an American citizen

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 238 lbs

Race: Sumerian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Gold

Union Statistics

Occupation: Retired Superhero

Partner(s): Tyrant

Known Powers/Abilities:

  • Thermogenetic Super Strength: Erragal's strength is above average in the cold, in intense heat he is able to match some of the weaker Perfect 10s for short periods.
  • Durability: Erragal's toughness is well above average, he has developed immunity to most poisons and can survive injuries that would kill even other Metahumans.
  • Reincarnation: When killed, Erragal returns to life at high noon after approximately 72 hours later. He appears in a random nearby location with intact memories but no knowledge of anything that happened between the time of his death and the time of his reappearance. This power continues to baffle the Hero Union, but Erragal refuses to allow it to be tested.

Known/Theorized Limitations:

  • Erragal is a lazy asshole

Salary: Standard