Hero Union Power Class: A

Hero Union Membership Status: Nonmember

Area of Operation: North America

Sub-Area: New Seattle

Personal Statistics

Birth Name: Unknown

Legal Name: Kelly

Age: Indeterminate, approximately 23

Nationality: American (no birth certificate)

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 344 lbs

Race: Caucasian

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Magenta

Union Statistics

Occupation: Gang Leader (Knives in the Dark / Tunnel Spiders)

Partner(s)/Underling(s): Midge, Gauze

Known Powers/Abilities:

  • Partial Arachnid Transformation: Kelly has enhanced strength and toughness, as well as a venomous bite and four extra bladed limbs that allow her to cling to sheer surfaces. This transformation was artificial and appears to have been inflicted upon her involuntarily.
  • Bio-Electric Projection: Kelly can project intense and deadly electrical fields on whim, through a process that appears to be unrelated to her arachnid transformation.
  • Low-Light Vision: Kelly is capable of seeing clearly in low- (possibly even no-) light conditions. This ability appears to be common among Undercity residents and may not be natural. Investigate further.

Known/Theorized Limitations:

  • Kelly's transformation appears to have been interrupted early, the front of her chest lacks the armor that protects her back and limbs. This partial transformation seems to have left her mentally and emotionally unstable. Hormone treatments may prove effective.