Hero Union Power Class: B

Hero Union Membership Status: Provisional

Branch of Operation: North America

Sub-Area: New Seattle Training Area

Personal Statistics

Birth Name: Unknown

Legal Name: Riot

Age: Indeterminate, approximately 20

Nationality: American (no birth certificate)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 564 lbs

Race: African-American / Indeterminate East Asian mix

Hair Color: Gray (non-reflective metallic)

Eye Color: Gray (non-reflective metallic), eyes glow purple in darkness

Union Statistics

Occupation: Superhero (Provisional)

Partner(s): Cinder Phoenix

Known Powers/Abilities:

  • Metallic-Carbon Body: Riot's skin, bones, and internal organs are all made from a form of metallic carbon as-yet undescribed by science. Riot's metallic body renders him highly resistant to most forms of physical bodily harm. He is also extremely resistant to heat and pressure. As Riot's metallic body is unique among known superhuman abilities, the New Seattle Science Expert (Catalyst) believes it may not be a natural ability. Investigate further.
  • Low-Light Vision: Riot is capable of seeing clearly in low- (possibly even no-) light conditions. This ability appears to be common among Undercity residents and may not be natural. Investigate further.

Known/Theorized Limitations:

  • Carbon is highly susceptible to acids, Riot may be vulnerable to the same
  • Riot appears to grow sluggish in the cold
  • Intense heat may render Riot more vulnerable to physical attacks

Salary: Standard Provisional (Room and Board Clause)