Hero Union Power Class: A

Hero Union Membership Status: Retired Hero

Branch of Operation: North America

Sub-Area: New Seattle Training Area

Personal Statistics

Birth Name: Prototype V-1

Legal Name: Sara Rachel Deckard

Age: 107

Nationality: German, with American Citizenship

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 167 lbs

Race: Android

Hair Color: Variable (usually orange)

Eye Color: Green

Union Statistics

Occupation: Superhero Trainer

Partner(s): Soul Train (Retired), Enforcer (Retired)

Known Powers/Abilities:

  • Android: Valkyrie is an android and needs no oxygen. She can convert food and water into chemical energy to power herself, but usually favors other power sources.
  • Flight: Valkyrie can fly without the assistance of any technological devices. This ability appears to be unique to the V-1 Prototype.
  • Force Field Projection: Valkyrie can project powerful force fields from her gauntlets. She is able to chain these force fields together to protect multiple people, or create single massive shields several city blocks in size. The power of her fields remains constant regardless of size, but larger shields can quickly drain the power of her gauntlets.
  • Stun Rays: Valkyrie can project low-power electrolasers from her gauntlets, effectively stunning targets over long distances. These electrolasers have proven ineffective against particularly tough individuals.
  • Other Devices: Valkyrie often carries gear customized to suit her expected needs.

Known/Theorized Limitations:

  • Valkyrie's internal structure is made of bronze, not steel. She has grown brittle with age, and her joints are starting to wear out.

Salary: Founder Pension